Who we help

At Miss House Clearance, we care passionately about the community in our local area, and we’re proud to support the following projects.


We donate unused medical equipment of all kinds, including tablets, bandages, and reading glasses. We’re currently involved with a campaign to get our NHS to collect and reuse wheelchairs and medical aids, as it seems these aren’t being put back into the system, with some 26,000 being destroyed every year. It is our aim, with the BBC’s backing, to stop this happening.

Tracy Street Kitchen

Tracy feeds the homeless in our city every Friday evening. Hot meals are provided with a snack and drinks to take away to keep them going for a few days. We are able to help this much-needed service by providing clothing, sleeping bags, and tents. Any fresh, frozen, tinned, or packaged food is given to Tracy, along with socks, pants, toiletries, and other much-needed necessities. We’re able to donate these items from house clearances.

The Mayor or Gedling Charity

Each year, the elected mayor raises fund for a charity. We help by donating raffle and tombola prizes. These are things that come from house clearances, including new, unused toiletries, bottles of wine, and lots more. So far, we have helped raise £18,000 for motor neuron disease research and £19,000 for pancreatic cancer research.

Stephen Craighill Productions

This company dresses sets for TV shows and Films. He is always on the lookout for that one thing that can make the room look authentic. This is where we come in, donating items to dress walls along with , carpets, furniture, and even clothing.

The Community Wardrobe

They make costumes for theatre productions at schools and colleges. They’re happy to take wigs, wedding attire, materials, and cottons, and they’re incredibly grateful for our donations.